Computer Science Teaching Laboratories - Announcements

Some Teaching Labs servers were unavailable Tues Dec 6 2016 11:10am-12:10pm. Servers affected: compute/login server (wolf.teach.cs), NX server (nxsrv.teach.cs) and database server (dbsrv1.teach.cs).

On Monday September 12th, new student accounts will be created and existing student accounts will be renamed. Your account login name will now be your UTORid. The password is unchanged. For more information see

We are available to offer technical support and answer questions related to computer issues Monday to Friday, and by email.

After your teaching labs account has been verified and your secure password has been created, you can log into the secure website to list your enrolled courses and submit assignments.

Please visit the Computer Science Community Discussion boards and the FAQ before sending email for support. There is a good chance the answer to your question is already posted.

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