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Welcome to CSC148! This is an Introduction to Computer Science at UTSC. This course builds on the skills covered in CSC108 (Introduction to Programming to help you learn fundamental topics in Computer Science.

The primary keys to success in this course are:

Here is the course information sheet, which contains the course policies.

Contact Information

Instructor: Brian Harrington
Email: brian [dot] harrington [at]
Office Hours: Thursday 2-4 BA 3201 (or by appointment)


2015-05-22: Ex1 auto-marker delays
There seems to be a problem with the automarker. It's something to do with file permissions, and the system admins probably won't get around to looking at it until Monday (The perils of making exercises due on Friday afternoon I guess). So I'm sorry to say that you won't get your auto-marker report until Monday. My apologies for the delay.

2015-05-18: Tutorial Rooms & Ex1 file name
The tutorial room allocation is available under the Tutorial Materials menu on the left. Also, I neglected to mention the file name for exercise 1. The file must be named (MarkUs will give you a warning if you submit a file with the wrong name). If the file is not correctly named, the auto-marker will not be able to see it, and it will receive a mark of 0.