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Welcome to CSC148! This is an Introduction to Computer Science at The University of Toronto. This course builds on the skills covered in CSC108 (Introduction to Programming to help you learn fundamental topics in Computer Science.

The primary keys to success in this course are:

Here is the course information sheet, which contains the course policies.

Contact Information

Instructor: Brian Harrington
Email: brian [dot] harrington [at]
Office Hours: Thursday 2-4 BA 3201 (or by appointment)


2015-08-16: Re-mark Requests
All re-mark requests for the course must be submitted by midnight on Monday August 17th.

2015-08-12: Pre exam office hours
I will be holding my usual office hours of 2-4pm tomorrow (August 13th)

2015-07-13: Assignment 1-2 clarification
Just to be clear, the matrix should be indexed starting at 0. So if you create a 3x3 matrix, you should be able to access elements (0,0) through (2,2).

2015-07-04: Make-up Midterm
The make-up midterm for students who missed the midterm for medical reasons will be held on Tuesday July 7th from 2-4pm in BA3289. Please bring your completed illness verification form with you to the exam

2015-07-03: Extension on ex7
You've all been working hard preparing for the midterm and working on A1-2, so I thought you might all appreciate an extension on ex7. The new deadline is Sunday. You will see reports for what you handed in today in your repo shortly.

2015-06-29: Make-up Tutorial for Wednesday
Since the campus is closed on Wednesday, we will be holding an extra tutorial on Tuesday from 2-4pm in BA2220. Students may attend any of the three tutorials they wish this week, and if you cannot make any of the three, you can bring your quiz #2 to the midterm with you on Thursday, and we will collect them there.

2015-06-18: Make-up Tutorial and Quiz, ex5 extension
As announced in lecture, there will be a make-up tutorial tomorrow (June 19th) from 2-4pm in BA2220. If you cannot attend that session, the quiz will be posted on the course website under tutorial materials, and anyone can hand it in at the start of their next tutorial. There will also be an extension on the ex5 due date until 4:00pm Sunday. The automarker will still run on Friday night to mark whatever is submitted by 4:00pm on Friday, you can use this as a preview of your mark and still make any changes you wish by Sunday.

2015-06-15: Assignment #1 File name problem
In the a1 handout, it specifies that the file names should be and However, having dashes in the middle of file names causes problems in Python. They should be and (using underscore instead of dash). The handout has been updated to reflect this.

2015-05-22: Ex1 auto-marker delays
There seems to be a problem with the automarker. It's something to do with file permissions, and the system admins probably won't get around to looking at it until Monday (The perils of making exercises due on Friday afternoon I guess). So I'm sorry to say that you won't get your auto-marker report until Monday. My apologies for the delay.

2015-05-18: Tutorial Rooms & Ex1 file name
The tutorial room allocation is available under the Tutorial Materials menu on the left. Also, I neglected to mention the file name for exercise 1. The file must be named (MarkUs will give you a warning if you submit a file with the wrong name). If the file is not correctly named, the auto-marker will not be able to see it, and it will receive a mark of 0.