CSC209H: Software Tools and Systems Programming, Summer 2012

Instructor: Daniel Zingaro
Email: daniel [dot] zingaro [at] utoronto
Office Hours: Wed 16:00
Labs: Wed 18:00, BA3175/3185/3195
Lectures: Wed 19:00, BA1190 (lecture notes)
Info: Course Info Sheet
Textbooks: Linux Programming Interface, Michael Kerrisk. No Starch Press, 2010. This book is monster-size. Don't scream: we're covering only selected topics, and I will let you know exactly which chapters to study. The hardcopy version comes with free mobile versions, or you can opt for just the mobile versions. Use discount code 74961897 if you buy directly from No Starch; do this if you want the mobile+hardcopy bundle or just the mobile versions. If you want only the hardcopy, consider amazon and our bookstore in addition to the coupon code on No Starch. If you want to download the book's source code and some sample chapters (the first two of which we'll be reading!), check the author's website.
C Programming: A Modern Approach, K.N. King, W. W. Norton and Company, 2008
Other Books I've Found (not required!)

Welcome to the course website for the summer 2012 term of CSC209, Software Tools and Systems Programming!

The course is delivered through 2 lecture hours a week, plus (mostly)-weekly labs.

Important Links

To help us avoid running around trying to find things, I've collected all of the important links for CSC209 and put them here. Note that there are two locations for marks: assignment marks are in MarkUs and everything else is in the CDF Student Website. There are also links to PeerWise and our discussion board.