CSC209H: Software Tools and Systems Programming-- Summer 2014


Welcome to the course webpage for the summer 2014 term of CSC209H, Software Tools and Systems Programming. Here is the course description:

Software techniques in a Unix-style environment, using scripting languages and a machine-oriented programming language (typically C). What goes on in the operating system when programs are executed. Core topics: creating and using software tools, pipes and filters, file processing, shell programming, processes, system calls, signals, basic network programming.

Make sure to read and understand the course information sheet and detailed Course Outline. Check the discussion board frequently to make sure you receive any course announcements.

Contact information

Instructor: Bogdan Simion
Email: bogdan -at-
Office: BA 4237
Office Hours: Wed 15-17


Wednesdays 18-20, BA1180


Wednesday 20-21, BA3175, BA3185, BA3195 (CDF labs)

Lab TAs:
Wenjie Luo
Philip Patchin
Sahil Suneja
Tianzheng Wang